East Cleveland Bridges of Hope (ECBOH)

East Cleveland Bridges of Hope

Drug-Free Coalition (DFC) of East Cleveland, Ohio
(Health, Opportunity, Prevention, and Empowerment)
Location: East Cleveland, OH

East Cleveland Bridges of Hope Coalition (ECBOH), was founded in 2007 by area social services agency, Northern Ohio Recovery Association (NORA), serving as the fiscal agent and grant manager.

80% of students surveyed in the 2016 Youth Teen Summit report that alcohol is readily available and that they can ask “any adult” to purchase it. Furthermore, 90% of surveyed high-school students report that they can purchase marijuana on school property.

30.1% of Cuyahoga County’s Inner Ring East reported using marijuana on at least 1 day during the 30 days before the survey, compared to 20.7% of Ohio high-school students. 5.8% of 8th-grade students and 14.1% of 10th-grade students reported having been offered, sold, or given an illegal drug on school property; 90% of high school students said they have friends they can purchase marijuana from daily; 17.2% of 10th-grade students reported going to a party where parents permitted marijuana; 9.3% of 10th-grade students had been to a party or other gathering in a home where parents purchased marijuana for students

To prevent underage drinking and marijuana use, ECBOH has planned a comprehensive prevention framework that is composed of out-of-school activities, mentoring programs, and prevention/intervention activities.

Northern Ohio Recovery Association was recently awarded the 2019 Drug-Free Coalition (DFC) grant to continue its support of the ECBOH program. The primary purpose of the DFC program is to strengthen the collaboration among community entities and reduce substance use among youth. DFC grantees are required to work toward these two goals as the primary focus of their Federally-funded effort.

For the DFC program, a coalition is defined as a community-based formal arrangement for cooperation and collaboration among groups or sectors of a community in which each group retains its identity, but all agree to work together toward a common goal of building a safe, healthy, and drug-free community.

ECBOH through the 12 Coalition sector members are very proud of its successes in contributing to Health, Opportunity, Prevention, and Empowerment, (H.O.P.E.). Our members are comprised of Youth, Parents, Business, Media, Schools, Youth-Serving Organizations, Law Enforcement, Civic/Volunteer Organizations, Religious/Fraternal Organizations, Healthcare Professionals, State/Local/County Government, and Substance Abuse Organizations.

ECBOH goals are to increase community collaboration and reduce the use of marijuana and alcohol among our youth as we look to amend local legislation, increase law enforcement efforts, mobilize parents and the larger community.

Greg Bell
Coalition Coordinator
Email: gbell@norainc.org | Ph: (216)249-4334
Address: 1507 Doan Ave, East Cleveland Ohio 44112